Ihor Losev

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Associate Professor of cultural studies at the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Ethnonational policy, geopolitical issues of Black sea-Caspian region, actual problems of functioning of the state system of the Russian Federation, Ukrainian-Russian relations at the present stage and in retrospect, the study of political and military threats to Ukraine

Candidate of philosophical Sciences, the author of textbooks for universities:

  1. Ethics. K, 1992 (co-authored)
  2. Chrestomathy on the history of Ukrainian philosophy. K., 1993 (co-authored)
  3. History of Ukrainian philosophy. K., 1994 (co-authored)
  4. History of the world culture. K., 1995 (co-authored)
  5. History and theory of world culture: the European context. K., 1995

The author of the book: Sevastopol-Crimea-Ukraine: informational defense chronicle. Sevastopol, 2008. V1. The second and third volumes are composed, but not published.

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