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CRS activities cover four main research areas, namely: security, politics and diplomacy, communication and image making, economy. Accordingly CRS undertakes monitoring and analysis of:

  • Russia’s position in the architecture of international security in broad geopolitical and regional/sub-regional aspects; challenges and threats to international stability associated with Russia’s foreign and domestic policy, including military-political issues and possible ways of their neutralization; threats to Ukraine’s national security caused by Russia and possible ways of counter-actions etc.;
  • Russia’s foreign policy strategy and tactics, its most important steps in the international arena including interaction with leading global players; trends in the development of political and social processes in Russia and their possible influence on the Kremlin policy; place and role of the Ukrainian factor in Russia’s politics in historic, contemporary and future perspectives; dynamics of the Ukrainian-Russian diplomatic relations; foreign support provided to Ukraine by its foreign partners to minimize the consequences of Russia’s policy on Ukraine, etc.;
  • Russia’s strategy and tactics in external and internal communication sphere; Russian’s propaganda campaigns against foreign countries; steps taken by the international community and Ukraine to counteract Russia’s information attacks, etc.;
  • trends in Russia’s economy and the international sanctions’ impact on it; Russia’s energy policy; dynamics of the Ukrainian-Russian economic relations; steps undertaken by Russia to cause damage to economic interests of Ukraine and undermine its economic potential, etc.

Each of these blocks may include a number of subtopics taking into account the content of the project or special requirements.

The results of the monitoring and analysis of the social and political processes, which are carried out in each of these blocks are the basis for the further elaboration of relevant practical recommendations. The aim is to prevent and neutralize Russia’s destructive influences and actions, ensure stability Europe- and worldwide.