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The mission of Centre for Russian Studies (CRS) is to facilitate researches made by Ukrainian and foreign experts on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. CRS will conduct in-depth and comprehensive research in the areas:

  • current social and political processes in Russia;
  • Russia’s influence on the global social and political processes;
  • Russia’s strategy and tactics towards Ukraine.

The studies outcome are practical recommendations regarding possible strategic and tactical steps in the development of relations with Russia. CRS will study the consequences of Russia’s domestic and foreign policy on global and European stability, as well as protection and promotion of Ukraine’s interests in bilateral relations with Russia.

The mission mentioned above of CRS is important especially now due to challenges caused by Russia’s foreign policy to the European and global security. Until recent times, there were no specialized research institutions in Ukraine dealing with these issues.

CRS is an independent and politically unbiased institution, formed as a civil non-governmental organization. CRS experts are non-affiliated with any political parties or organizations.

CRS studies are based on the principles of impartiality and scientific objectivity.