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Ukrainian journalist and publicist. An observer of radio «Svoboda» and presenter of TV programs on “Espresso TV”.

One of the first Soviet parliamentary correspondents.

Since 1989, an observer of founded at the same time  "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" (Moscow).

Since 1990 cooperates with the radio "Svoboda" as the correspondent of the Ukrainian service of radio station in Moscow and is a presenter of TV programmes of the Russian service.

Since 1994 is regularly published in the newspaper "Mirror Weekly" (Kiev), where he led the rubric of "Diaries" (this columns are collected in the book "The Mother in the synagogue"). He was published in editions "Russkiy Telegraf", "Vedomosti", "Vremya MN" (Moscow), "Day", "Correspondent", "Business week" (Kiev), "Business and the Baltics", "Telegraph" (Riga), "Estonia", "Postimees" (Tallinn), "Polityka", "Gazeta Wyborcza (Warsaw), "Belgazeta" (Minsk).

He also led journalistic and analytical programs on several Ukrainian television channels, in particular, the "Vikna u svit" and "Vikna-tyzhden" on STB, "The seventh Day" on ICTV, "VIP" on K-1. From 2009 to 2011 led the program "The Truth of Vitaly Portnikov" on the TV channel TVI. From 2013 leads programs on the TV channel “Espresso TV”.

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