Serhiy Hrabovsky

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Senior Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Philosophical, worldview, social, environmental, ethnic, cultural, political and economic problems of the modern world, the philosophy of history and meta-history, history of the twentieth century. philosophy of politics, problems of globalization.

PhD,  Advisory Board of the Association of Ukrainian Writers.

Author of articles to Philosophical Encyclopedic Dictionary, Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine and dictionary-reference book "World history of the twentieth century". 20 years of editorial experience (magazines "Genesis", "Philosophical Studies", "Modernity", "Member of Parliament" newspapers "News of Ukraine "and "Alternative", programs of "Radio Liberty "). Winner of 2 awards "Golden Pen" (RL programs) and Prize Mace (article in the newspaper "Day"). There was a columnist for "Chas/ Time" weekle and "Ukrainian week".

English (read & translate, speak slowly), Russian, Polish, Belorussian – two lasts with dictionary.